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  • Access Hardware Manufacturer
    Marketing Strategy and Communications

    A $10 million, 150 year old access hardware manufacturer was slowly declining.  Together we established a new marketing strategy that re-directed resources from business segments that were becoming commoditized to segments where the client could add meaningful value.  This strategic shift was reinforced by a complete overhaul of all marketing materials, including a new tag line, more streamlined selling materials, and an aggressive move away from standard catalog sales to e-commerce.  The result: double digit growth over each of the next three years.
  • Private Equity Firm
    Market Dynamic Research

    A medium-sized, Denver-based private equity firm was interested in acquiring a leading diabetic supply company. Their only hesitation was that they didn’t fully understand the role of the physician in the referral process. Market dynamic research helped the acquiring company get a much better handle on the business they were about to buy, and brought the added value necessary to propel their new acquisition to record growth.
  • Construction Supply Distributor
    Acquisition Positioning Research

    The leading West Coast distributor of construction supplies to contractors was interested in selling itself to the leading do-it-yourself retailer. The retailer, however, believed it could penetrate the contractor market without acquiring this distributor. Research we conducted for the distributor decisively demonstrated that commercial contractors were not receptive to buying at the consumer retail chain.  Based partially on our research, the DIY retail company changed its mind and acquired the distributor.
  • Private Equity Firm
    Investment Hypothesis Exploration

    In marketing itself to potential acquirers, a top three collision repair claims adjustment software producer represented that its major new product dramatically shortened time, and therefore cost to repair vehicles damaged in accidents.  One private equity firm interested in acquiring the software company asked us to better understand the “reduced time and cost” claim.  The results we observed through our quantitative research were not consistent with the company’s claim.  Based partially on that, our private equity client concluded that the company might be over-hyping their new product, and decided to pass on the deal.
  • Medical Consumable Manufacturer
    Strategic Assessment 

    This Iowa-based supplier of medical consumables traditionally sold exclusively through OEM’s. As business steadily declined, they asked us to conduct strategic assessment research. Our research among buyers and purchase influencers in major hospital systems across the country confirmed that the OEM strategy was outdated. In addition, we structured the research to generate insights that helped our client develop a new, more effective marketing strategy.
  • Retail Pharmacy Chain
    Marketing Strategy and Implementation

    A small regional retail pharmacy company had a big idea: establish stand-alone pharmacies on the campuses of large employers and link pharmacy utilization to the benefits plan.  We developed the brand (Worksite Pharmacy: Employers Save Money, Employees Save Time) and the marketing strategy and communications materials for selling the concept to employers, employees, and health care consultants.  After selling the concept to three major large employers, and vastly exceeding objectives, the pharmacy chain was acquired by Walgreen’s, whose specific interest was the small, but rapidly growing Worksite Pharmacy division.
  • Private Equity Firm
    Post-Acquisition Strategy

    One of the largest private equity firms on the West Coast, was considering purchasing a major floral company, but was concerned that retailers perceived a competitive floral company more favorably than the target company. Marketing due diligence research revealed some areas of retailer dissatisfaction with the target company. The private equity company proceeded with the acquisition, but as a result of the research, was able to quickly address the troublesome issues after the acquisition closed. The acquiring firm took the floral company public several years later, realizing a significant return.
  • Private Equity Firm
    Problem Identification Research

    Our private equity client was interested in acquiring the world’s largest manufacturer of cheerleading uniforms, and had developed a strategy for positioning the company for even more growth.  Before acquiring the manufacturer, our client wanted to make sure there were no hidden problems lurking in the minds of the company’s student and coaching customers.  Comprehensive quantitative research did not uncover any such problems, and the acquisition proceeded.
  • Internet-Based “Social Shopping” Startup
    Concept Viability and Implementation 

    The former SVP of marketing at a major apparel retailer and major online retailer, armed with $5 million in start-up funding, knew that her revolutionary concept for web-based “social shopping” was huge.  What she didn’t know was exactly what direction to take it in.  We led a qualitative research initiative to identify the most viable and most attractive components of the concept.  The research was directly responsible for setting the marketing direction that led to 15 million registered members within 12 months, and attracted another $30 million in investment, including investments from Liberty Media and venture capital company Kleiner Perkins.

Written by Bruce Putterman

November 17, 2010 at 9:55 AM

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